(Dog Gone Racing) was founded with one purpose: to help you meet your 
racing needs!
  Our Arrive-and-Drive Program offers full race preparation, transportation and trackside support f
or drivers who own their own race cars. At the track, you can count on 
DGR to give you the service and support that you need to beat the competition, including 
on- and off-track coaching.

In between race weekends, you can count on DGR to make sure your car is race-ready, performing services ranging from race preparation to major crash repair at our shop. 
When your car arrives at the track, it will be ready for you to sit down, strap in, and take off!

Now Available- Spec Racer Ford rentals available for SCCA events, test days, and corporate events. Rental fees include a competition-ready SRF, trackside support, experienced crew, 
and coaching. All you'll need is the appropriate credentials and drivers gear.